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The world of Clovis. Merovingian Itineraries

Take part in our digital inauguration of the exhibition "The world of Clovis. Merovingian itineraries"! Join us on the home page, this February 12 2021 at 7 p.m.! (please note : the direct video will be in French)

Starting February 2021, the Royal Museum of Mariemont focuses on the High Middle Ages and makes us rediscover the world of the Merovingian!

The exhibition offers a new summation of this period in History, rich of trade and commerce, of cultural influences and religious practises, of new territories and populations in motion.

A true plunge  into the everyday life of men and women of our regions

Trade, here and elsewhere

Garnets from Sri Lanka, amber from the Baltics, broad ranges of weapons, ornaments and jewels of precious alloy… What if these testaments of far off lands where here, just underneath our feet? 


Mankind at the very heart of the archaeological discourse

The Merovingians, a folk from North-Western Europe living at the beginning of the Middle Ages, are well known to us through their necropolis. The exhibition invites us to now meet these men and women through the intimacy of their homes, through their gestures, the know-how of the craftsmen or the daily life of a religious nun in a monastery…


A world in motion, which we can relate to today

Caught between the vestiges of Antiquity and the future great cathedrals, Merovingian times are far more than just a transitional period; it testifies of a world in motion, in which questions of a very contemporary factor are raised: migrations, environmental components, cultural integration, consumption, trades on a global scale.


The exhibition is complemented by publications destined to all audiences; amongst which a collective catalogue and a visitor’s guide.

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The Royal Museum of Mariemont has the great pleasure to announce it’s reopening on Tuesday the 1st of December. Our doors will be open every day, except on Mondays, from 10am to 5pm.

Closed on 1/1 and 25/12.

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