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Amis de Mariemont


The museum of Mariemont would be nothing without its friends, who continue, in a way, the tradition initiated by Raoul Warocqué. Thus it is the Cercle royal des Amis de Mariemont (Royal circle of the friends of Mariemont) that were the first to develop true press and advertising campaigns in order to make the museum better known in Belgium and abroad. Starting in 1946, the Cercle financed the development of the educational department, one of the first in Wallonia. Starting in the 1950s, it has organized numerous conferences in such a way as to attract more and more attention. It participated actively in the reconstruction of the museum and attentively watched over the protection of the Estate. Today it continues its activity through numerous gifts that it grants to the museum, and by keeping alive the spirit of service and love for Mariemont which has characterized its actions since its foundation in 1935.

The members of the Cercle are invited to all the events organized by the Museum, as well as to activities that are reserved for them. They receive, free of charge, in addition to the quarterly information newsletter, the "Cahiers de Mariemont", an abundantly illustrated annual review.

To become a member:

Transfer the amount of the individual (10 euros) or family (15 euros) membership fee to account number 271-0450909-85 of the Amis de Mariemont in 7140 La Hestre, with the indication "Cotisation" (membership fee) or transfer a gift of a minimum of 30 euros, substituting for the fee, to the aforementioned account with the indication "Don" (gift, donation).

Donations to the Cercle benefit from a tax exemption.

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The Royal Museum of Mariemont has the great pleasure to announce it’s reopening on Tuesday the 1st of December. Our doors will be open every day, except on Mondays, from 10am to 5pm.

Closed on 1/1 and 25/12.

The Park is open. 


The restaurant "The Terace of Mariemont" opens again on Saturday 8 may, upon reservation.


The Library is open upon reservation.


The "Atelier du Livre" is closed.

Thank you for your understanding.