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Online catalogue

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The online catalogue includes : 

  • Books since 1816
  • All the works acquired since 1997
  • 75% of the works acquired between 1970 and 1996
  • 10% of the works entered before 1970
  • Individual collections :
    • Charles Bertin Collection (French literature),
    • Geoffroy de Beauffort Collection (automobile literature),
    • Doize Collection (prehistory),
    • Museology collection,
    • Collections of Greek and Latin authors
  • Antique books up to 1815: Only the new acquisitions of antique works and the "Mons collection" (editions printed in Mons between 1580 and 1815) have been encoded at this time.
  • Publications in series (periodicals): All the current periodicals and 50% of the periodicals that have ceased publication.
  • Archives and manuscripts
    • Handwritten documents by French writers, musicians, scientists, the Bonaparte family, French politicians (15th century - beginning of the 20th century), foreign diplomats, foreign politicians, the army and the navy
    • Charles Plisnier collection (under way)

The database is therefore not exhaustive. Consequently, before concluding that a work or a specific document is missing from the Mariemont collections following a fruitless search, it is indispensable to consult the card files accessible in the reading room of the library.