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Parking for disabled persons


If you are a disabled person and you have a specific parking card, you have two possibilities to access the Museum more easily.  

PDF summary hereaccess to the Museum for a disabled person (with a specific card).



Possibility n°1

You can enter the Estate with your vehicle en park in front of the Museum. When you arrive at the main entrance of the Estate (at the end of the “Drève de Mariemont”), ring the intercom and tell your situation in a few words. The rising bollards are lowered. When the light (on your right) is green, move forward on the asphalt lane. When you come to a Y, follow the direction MUSEE and RESTAURANT. Once in front of the Museum entrance, drive beyond the sculpture “Le Signal” (associated to a red slide) en park your car on the “ashen” path (red gravel). If a car is parked behind you, we need time to find the driver back in the Museum so that he/she can move the car. And if you are parked there, you accept to move your car if needed


!!! ATTENTION !!! This parking space forces you to reverse on approximatively 30 meters.



Possibility n°2

If a valid person drives you to the Museum, he/she can drop you off at the entrance of the Museum, (same way as already explained), drive outside of the Estate to park the car outside and then come and meet you



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The Royal Museum of Mariemont has the great pleasure to announce it’s reopening on Tuesday the 1st of December. Our doors will be open every day, except on Mondays, from 10am to 5pm.

Closed on 1/1 and 25/12.

The Park is open. 


The restaurant "The Terace of Mariemont" opens again on Saturday 8 may, upon reservation.


The Library is open upon reservation.


The "Atelier du Livre" is closed.

Thank you for your understanding.